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Documents - Parking Policy

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Assigned space(s) and assigned parking are terms which may be used interchangeably, and shall always refer to those spaces assigned for the exclusive use of a unit. These areas shall be further distinguished by identifying numbers which shall correspond to the unit number to which the space is assigned.  

Visitor space(s) and visitor parking are terms which may be used interchangeably, and shall always refer to those areas set aside as a courtesy for non-resident vehicles owned or operated by the guest(s) of the residents of Haman's Woods Townhouse Association.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to make assignment changes regarding the future use of the parking  areas as it sees fit in order to meet the on-going needs of the community, providing that the membership receives at least thirty (30) days notice.  


There shall be no parking whatsoever opposite or adjacent to the mailboxes, nor on any corner within the community or within fifteen (15) feet adjacent to any fire hydrant, nor in any manner which could impede the normal flow of traffic through the community.  PLEASE NOTE: "No Parking Areas" throughout the community are designated by yellow curbs. Furthermore, vehicles shall not be parked in a manner which could interfere with the ability to remove and park vehicles within the community, nor shall they be parked so as to obstruct vision and encumber drivers attempting to effect safe entry and exit of their vehicles to and from the community. Tandem or double parking of vehicles shall not be allowed in the community. Any vehicles found in violation of this provision, for whatever reason, shall be towed without exception and without notice to the owners, who assume all risk and expense. 


No vehicle which is inoperative, does not display current registration tags, is disabled or abandoned shall be permitted to park or be parked within the community. The repairing of vehicles in the community is prohibited. Violators, when identifiable, will be given five (5) days written notice to remove such vehicles from the community. A similar notice shall also be posted upon each vehicle parking in violation of this Policy. After five (5) days, any vehicle thus posted, if not already removed, shall be towed, at the owner's  risk and expense. Any vehicle which has been previously posted and is found again to be in violation of these parking rules and regulations shall be towed without further notice. 


No boats, jet skis, trailers, tractors, campers, camp trucks, house trailers, farm implements, work trucks, service trucks or construction vehicles of any kind shall be permitted to park or be parked within the community at any time.  No vehicles, trucks, vans or the like over three fourths (3/4) ton shall be permitted to park or be parked within the community at any time. 

NOTE: The limit governing the maximum pay load capacity for trucks and vans permitted to park within the community is three fourths (3/4) ton. 

Vehicles, trucks or vans three fourths (3/4) ton or under will be allowed to park in the community on the following conditions. No ladders, ladder racks, pipes, pipe racks, side mounted tool boxes, machinery or materials will be allowed on the vehicles, trucks or vans. 

Signage on vehicles, trucks, vans three fourths (34/) ton or under is limited to the front two doors of the vehicle. 

Pickup trucks shall not be permitted to park overnight within the community when items/materials (other than spare tire/incremental tool box) remain in the payload area of the vehicle. The sole exception of this rule shall be those vehicles employed by individuals who are actively in the process of changing residence. 


During severe weather conditions, no guest shall be permitted to park within the community. Due to the nature of these conditions, parking spaces are at an absolute premium and visitor space would most likely be used as storage for the accumulation of snow being removed from resident spaces as needed. Residents shall be expected to clear their reserved assigned parking spaces for their own use and refrain from parking in other assigned spaces. No vehicle shall be permitted to block in another vehicle, even if the latter is parked in violation of this policy, without the former bearing the risk of being towed as well. 

"Severe weather conditions" shall be defined as any set of weather conditions which causes enough snow to accumulate so as to necessitate the activation of the services of the Association's snow pushing contractor.  


Visitor parking shall be provided as a courtesy for the guests of the residents of Harman's Woods. These spaces shall be intended for short-term and transient use only (maximum time limit is seventy two (72) hours). At no time shall these spaces be used for vehicle storage by anyone, nor shall they be maintained for the day-to-day parking of residents of the community.   

Visitor parking privileges shall be suspended during severe weather conditions. 


Motorcycles shall be treated as cars and must be parked in the Resident's assigned parking space. 

  1. Motorcycles can be either parked singularly in a parking space or tandem park in the front of your vehicle in your parking space.

  2. When the motorcycle is tandem parked in your parking space, the length of your motorcycle and vehicle cannot exceed seventeen (17) feet in length.

  3. Parking of motorcycles will not be allowed on the side of a vehicle in a parking space. 

  4. Motorcycles will not be allowed to be parked on the sidewalks, grass areas
    or the front, rear or side yards of the community. 

The owner / operator(s) of motorcycles shall be responsible for maintaining them in an up-right position at all times while parked in the community; they shall furthermore be parked in such a way so as to not damage other vehicles should they fall over due to windy  conditions. Covers or tarpaulins for these vehicles, if so equipped, shall be maintained in good appearance and must be securely attached when used. Motorcycles in violation of the rules and regulations of the Parking Policy must be removed from the community if it becomes apparent that they are inoperative, disabled, abandoned or are not displaying current motor vehicle registration tags. 


Please check your vehicles for leaking fluids. The person to whom a parking space is assigned will be held responsible for the cleanup of any fluid spillage and/or liable for any cost or expenses the Association should incur to correct the damages and/or repairs to the parking lot surface as a result of leaking fluids. 


Handicapped parking shall be arranged by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. Due to the limited availability of parking spaces, handicapped parking shall not be available to guests until such time as additional parking spaces become available.  Residents who are in need of a designated handicapped parking space should contact the Community's Management Agent. 


Effective December 1, 2008, each unit in Harman's Woods Townhouse Association was assigned two (2) reserved parking spaces. The reserved parking spaces assigned to your unit have been marked with the unit number for your unit.  

The Board of Directors, in assigning reserved parking spaces, has made every effort to accommodate each unit owner, by providing them with at least one (1) parking space convenient to their unit. 

Unassigned parking spaces, spaces not marked with a four (4) digit number are classified as open parking spaces and are available to any visitor on a first come, first serve basis. A maximum time limit of seventy two (72) hours has been established for visitor parking spaces. 

Signs are posted about the property notifying guests that parking is reserved and assigned, and that violators will be towed at their own risk and expense. 

The responsibility of policing, for the purpose of having a vehicle towed from your assigned parking space(s), is the responsibility of the unit owner or person to whom the space(s) have been assigned. 

Arrangements have been made with ABC Towing (410-729-5400) to tow vehicles parked illegally in your assigned parking spaces. The cost of towing and storage will be the responsibility of the owner of the illegally parked vehicle. 

The procedure to follow in order to have someone towed from your assigned parking spaces is as follows: 

  1. Call ABC Towing - 410-729-5400
    Give them your name, address and telephone number (as the call will be verified), the name of the property (Harman's Woods), your parking space number and the nature of the problem or violation. 

  2. When the tow truck arrives, you must meet the driver, as you will be required to sign a release authorizing ABC Towing to tow the illegally parked vehicle from your assigned space. 


  3. You must call the Anne Arundel County Police Department Communications Center (410)222-8610 and report that the car was illegally parked in your reserved parking space and has been towed by ABC Towing.  You must give the Anne Arundel County Police Department the make, model and license number of the vehicle that you had towed. (Tow truck operator will be able to assist you with this information.) AGAIN, this step is very important and your failure to notify the Anne Arundel County Police Department could result in charges being placed against you by the Police Department and the owner of the vehicle. 

The Harman's Woods Townhouse Association Town Board of Directors believes that, with the implementation of this assigned parking plan, the parking problems that many unit owners have been experiencing in Harman's Woods will be eliminated.  

If you should have any questions regarding the assignment or the procedure to follow in order to have a vehicle towed, please feel free to contact our managing agents, Robert Ackermann, (telephone number (301)855-4193 or (410)741-5120. 

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